When we’re together. 

There is an instant pull as if the other side of my magnet has become noticeably present. Whether he is north or south, I know I am the other side he’s searching for. 

There is nothing other than happiness, joy and true delight when he is near. The conversations could go on for days, the laughs for years, and like the love could go on forever. How do you know your forever is standing right in front of you? Well, you don’t know until you take the leap of faith, and realize the deepest connection you will ever have with another person is the person who is everything that you hope to be. The person that makes you want to be the best version of you. 

When we are together, there is no question of whether or not it’s right; it is the only thing that feels so right. It is the kiss that still sets your heart on fire after the hundredth, thousandth and millionth times your lips touch. It is the love that leaves endless fingerprints on your heart. It is the love that touches your soul, and wraps you so deeply within the life of another, that makes it feel right.

It is a shared consciousness between him and I. There is no calculating, manipulating, or deceiving. There is innocence, honesty and purpose in our consciousness. We don’t question each other, because we already know the answer. When we’re together, we have the answer. The answer is each other. 


Author: kristeninlove

navigating falling in love, and staying in love.

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