The winter days have faded slowly into spring and summer days, and with the change of seasons I can’t help but wonder, are we changing too? 

What once was, will always be. Those moments will always be engraved on our hearts and I will cherish all of the memories we’ve created together so far, and we still have so much to look forward to with our first summer ahead of us. As we evolve in our relationship, I think about what’s different about us now than before. What’s different, is that there is an “us”. What else is different? 

Not everything has changed, and regardless I continue to fall in love with you on a daily basis. I wake up and I’m still dreaming about you. Thoughts of you consume my day as I spam you with needless text messages and screenshots. What’s different is how comfortable I am with you. I’m not worried about being “cool girl” or “funny girl” or “smart girl”, because to the right person I will be all those things and to you, I am. You have become my niche, my special place that I go to at the end of yoga before we namaste or whatever. I feel complete with you, and there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable with my better half. 

Lately, I’ve also been feeling more concrete. Spiritually, I have met my match or whatever . I feel like my place has been determined and my belonging is no longer questionable as I pass through the days. There is no reason to feel lost because my light is right beside me encouraging the next step forward. My spirit has never felt so free, wild, and excited. On a deeper level, my spirit feels a happiness I would not have known before you, before us. 

Are we changing? I’m not sure, but I know I constantly change to become better for you, or I become happier (if it’s even possible to be happier than I am right now), I become more comfortable, I become more of who I’m meant to be. We are changing, because we are growing. It’s unbelievable that I no longer visualize myself as a lonely tree growing alone, with barely any roots. I see myself full of leaves and deep roots, intertwined with someone else’s. I see growth and beauty everyday when I look at you. I used to genuinely believe change was not a good thing, but the changes I’ve made since us, have been the best changes of my life. Thank you G.