It’s been awhile since my last post, sorry! It feels like I just wrote it a few days ago, but here’s my next one! 

One of the things I love about us, is how simple we are. When someone says, “how did you meet your boyfriend?”, I can easily tell them and look back on the blissful memories of our friendship that turned into the great love we have now. I no longer have to avoid parts of the past, because our past is beautiful. There is no question of whether we love each other, because the answer simply is yes. Something else I love about you and me, is how something small turned into the biggest part of my heart. 

The start of a friendship is always promising, but it starts out as a small part of you. Our friendship started slowly, until there were late nights playing infected and snapchatting. What started slowly began to take a larger part of me as the days went on. 

The start of a relationship is even more promising than a friendship, and also more exciting. I stumbled across the words “I love you” and I thought that was the beginning of something much more complicated. Those words I used to associate with pain, suffering and heartbreak are now associated with the simple emotion of happiness. You have surprised me by never disappointing me, never letting me down, and being there for me always. What I expected to be difficult, is the simplest part of my life. 

As you read, I hope you don’t confuse my words, our love is not simple. My love for you is the most complex feeling I’ve ever had because it’s indescribable. It is the most powerful feeling I’ve ever known and the thought of you gets me through the days. While the words “I love you” may seem so small, hearing you say that has become the best part of my day. Love you G.